Live Oak Landscape

Isn't it fun when you discover a hidden gem that everyone walks past, never noticing? 

We took the trail to Driftwood Beach to see the driftwood trees on the beach.

We were walking down the beach with the water on our right. A hundred dead live-oak trees were strewn along the sand next to the surf. It was if some giant collected them to prepare for a bonfire.

The dunes were to our left, and I could see a thick forest of alive live-oak trees over the top of a dune. I climbed up a hidden path to see what was on the other side.

The contrast between the vibrant, alive forest against the driftwood was striking. There wasn't a pleasing composition to capture both together, so I decided to photograph the green part here. 

Everyone on the beach was mesmerized by driftwood, and none were interested in the forest that day.

This photograph captures the life of the forest. Its companion photograph, Dead Oak, shows the forest's death on the beach. 

There is work underway to stabilize the beach and plant grasses to create a habitat for sea turtle breeding.

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